Eye and Vision Exams

Our team at Complete Family Eyecare & Optique in Cummings provides comprehensive eye exams for each of our patients. These exams include a consultation, eye function tests, vision tests, and even an eye health exam. This thorough process allows our expert optometrists to identify and diagnose any vision or eye health problems you may be experiencing, enabling us to formulate an effective treatment plan. Read on for more information about our comprehensive eye exam process. 

eye exam

Your Consultation

The first step in our eye exam process is the consultation. During this part of the exam, the doctor will ask you questions about your eye health and vision. If you are experiencing any eye health or vision issues, the doctor will inquire about factors that may have contributed to these problems, such as medications and work environment. They will also inquire about any past eye health or vision issues you may have had, even if you are not currently experiencing them. Your eye doctor may also ask about your family's history of eye or vision problems.

Eye Function Tests

Eye function tests ensure that your eyes are functioning properly. These tests include checks of your depth perception, color perception, peripheral vision, light responsiveness, and more. Your doctor will also test your eyes to ensure proper focus.

Vision Tests

Of course, our eye doctors will perform vision tests as part of your exam. These tests will use the familiar wall eye chart to determine the sharpness of your vision. Once you have completed the vision test, your eye doctor will provide you with the results and let you know if you require glasses or contact lenses.

Eye Health Exam

We also conduct a thorough eye health exam. This involves using bright light and magnification to examine your eyes for any structural problems. Your eye doctor will also check for glaucoma by measuring the pressure in your eyes.

Make an Appointment with Our Eye Doctors in Cummings, GA

If you are experiencing any eye problems or if it has been a while since your last eye exam, we encourage you to make an appointment at Complete Family Eyecare & Optique in Cummings, GA. Our optometrists will conduct a thorough examination of your eyes to identify any vision or health problems. If any problems are detected, we will provide prompt and effective treatment. Schedule an appointment at Complete Family Eyecare & Optique today by calling us at (678) 965-5558.

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