Contact Lens Fittings

We at Complete Family Eyecare & Optique are here to help you get your contact lens fittings in Cumming, GA. We understand the importance of having a fitting contact lens and its role in everyday work. We understand contact lenses that are a fine-tuned device and their fitting should be done professionally. If you are looking for corrective lenses from optometrists or eye doctors near you, we are here to help.

Contact lens Fitting

Get Professional Contact Lens Service Near You

It does not matter whether you are new to contact lenses or you would like to upgrade your current pair, we have eye doctors who can help. Here are some of the contact lens services we can provide:

•             Eye Exams: Before we settle down on contact lens, our skilled optometrists will undertake a thorough eye exam to assess your vision, your eye health, and lifestyle factors. Armed with this information, we will be able to determine the most suitable eye contact lens for you.

•             Customized Fittings: We ensure you get customized fittings to help ensure proper fit and comfort for each patient. We have qualified optometrists who will take measurements of your eyes and then recommend contact lenses that will give optimal vision correction and comfort.

•             Specialty Contact Lens: Apart from soft contact lens, we also have specialty contact lenses for patients who have special vision needs. Some of these unique needs may include astigmatism, dry eye, or keratoconus.

•             Expert Guidance and Advice: We have a team of expert eye doctors who will provide guidance and education on contact lens and care. We will guide you on the proper insertion techniques, removal, and cleaning processes. With this, we can help assure you of long-term eye health and comfortability for you.

Properly Fitted Contacts

Improperly fitted contacts can cause a number of problems for your eyes, including pain and corneal scratches. To help prevent this from happening to you, get a contact lens exam from an eye doctor on our team. We are here to help keep your eyes healthy and clear.

Get a Contact Lens Exam and Specialty Contacts from an Optometrist Near You

Do not wait to get the benefits of comfortable eyewear and clear vision using a contact lens. We will make sure you get the perfect contact lens that fits your contact lens exam promptly. Get in contact with our team at Complete Family Eyecare & Optique in Cumming, GA, today for a contact lens fitting. Call us at (678) 965-5558 for a contact lens exam and specialty contacts from an optometrist near you.

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