Dry Eye Treatment

At Complete Family Eyecare & Optique, we strive to provide the best in optical care to all of our patients. If you live in Cummings or the surrounding area, we want to be your optometrist of choice. As eye doctors, we see patients with a wide assortment of symptoms, including dry eyes. While dry eye symptoms may appear to be a mild issue in some cases, it points to the need for professional assistance from experienced eye doctors. A dry eye diagnosis can inform you of the best course of action to deal with dry eyes and find the exact cause of your dry eye symptoms. 

Dry eye treatment

Dry Eyes: When It Can Be A Larger Problem

Dry eyes are often a temporary thing and can be caused by illnesses or other temporary factors. However, if your eyes are constantly dry and uncomfortable, this should point to an underlying issue with your eyes' ability to produce enough tears. A dry eye diagnosis can indicate long-term dry eye issues that require proper treatment by optometrists to correct. Signs that your eyes are not producing enough tears can include light sensitivity, mucus collecting around the eyes, redness, blurry vision, eye strain, a feeling that something is always in your eyes, and an inability to wear contact lenses.

Why Proper Treatment Is Needed

Without proper treatment, continuous dry eye can lead to additional problems with your vision. These can include keratitis (inflammation), pink eye, a reduction in the ability to read or drive, and trouble using your existing contact lenses. Like all health concerns, ignoring a problem will not make it better. If your eyes are constantly dry or not producing enough tears, you should visit an optometrist as soon as possible.

Proper Treatment

When you visit an optometrist for dry eye treatment, the first step is understanding the causes of your dry eye. There are different causes of dry eye, and depending on the nature of your condition, the proper treatment can vary. Treatment can include various therapies and corrective methods to help restore your eyes' ability to produce tears.

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Are you looking for an optometrist near me? At Complete Family Eyecare & Optique, we offer complete eye care services and take an individualistic approach to eye care. When you visit us, you will work one-on-one with one of our optometrists to ensure you receive personalized care designed to address your specific needs. We aim to provide the best in eye care and help you live a more comfortable life.

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